Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to save money

Malaysia is considered a food heaven. One way to save money is to cook your own meals. However, not all of us can do that. A good way to save money while eating out is to cut out the drinks, especially alcoholic ones. Go for water, it's easy on the wallet and also the waistline.

Take public transport. I know it can be hard when the system in place is not fantastic. But Malaysian public transport has improved quite a bit. I enjoyed taking the LRT. The trains are frequent and on time. You can save on petrol, parking fees and tolls.
If you do have to drive, there are many ways to stretch your petrol. Check out Simple Dollar's guide on how to practise good gas conservation habits.

Electricity and water costs little compared to other countries, but that doesn't mean we should waste. Common sense goes, turn it off when it's not needed. Choose energy efficient models whenever you need to replace an appliance.

Look for the phone plan that suits your needs. I can survive without a data plan, but not everyone can say the same thing. Free wifi is provided almost everywhere nowadays. If you have an Android or iPhone, try out Viber or Watsapp. You can make free phone calls and send free messages.
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