Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Consumerism in Malaysia

I was pushed to write about this topic after reading about the "Protect our Pockets" campaign. Sometimes I do wonder, how did we get into such a mess. On weekends, you would see shopping malls packed with people. Everyone is there to buy, buy, buy.

Where I come from, most of my weekends are spent lounging around at home or with friends. Sharing a pot of freshly brewed coffee at home only costs less than RM1. That's almost free compared to the prices people pay at Starbucks. Whenever I walk past high end branded shops, I wonder how many of the people who shop there can really afford to buy those items.

I've been reading The Millionaire Next Door. It's quite and old book but the concepts are still applicable. If we were to live like real millionaires, we would be spending a lot less. It's about time we changed our mindsets. Being rich doesn't mean owning all the fine things that money can buy. If we lived below our means and be happy with what we have, then the world will not be in so much debt.

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