Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to gain weight

I'm not a fan of junk food. I don't drink soft drinks. I'm underweight eventhough I have my 3 main meals & snacks in between. I've checked my full blood counts, renal profile, liver function, thyroid hormone levels & blood sugar levels. All of them were normal.

I've been searching online for healthy ways of gaining weight. I think the key is to increase my healthy fat intake. They provide more calories per weight without the artery clogging effects of unhealthy fats. My work consists of walking around and standing the whole day, so it'll be burning most of my food intake. But some site suggest I do some light weight lifting to build up muscle.

I'll be trying all these for the time being. Hope I won't look so skinny after this.

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Joan said...

Hey. I understand your pain and yes, I also went for my check ups when I wanted to gain weight. My medical records were NORMAL. Thus, I started my journey and since 2008 I gained 7kg. My blog records my journey as well as health tips on how to lose fat and gain muscle (which is the weight u want to gain healthily)

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Thanks! ;)