Saturday, November 27, 2010

Touch N Go card

For frequent users of Malaysian tolls and public transport, you would be familiar with this - the Touch 'n Go card. More often, I would say it's the touch-wait-a-few-seconds-for-the-beep-and-if-it-does-not-try-again-card, but that's not the main point of this post.

Initially, I was quite frustrated with the card. When I first started using it, I accidentally tapped my card on  the scanner twice, thinking that the first time didn't go through. The card was corrupted and could not be used until I reset it at a T'nG centre.

Otherwise, it's a very useful card to have. I think little conveniences like this make transportation greener. For one, the line at the toll would be shorter. No more delays because the people in line were fumbling for coins. All it takes is a quick tap and they're off, which reduces idling time. Multiply these few seconds with the millions of cars that pass through the tolls and you'll get a significant reduction in carbon production.

For those who don't drive, it eases the pains of using Malaysian public transport. No more lining up to buy tickets. Before I got my card, I almost missed my train one day because the machine didn't accept notes and I didn't have enough loose change with me.

Though not perfect, I still think the T'nG card is a good thing to have.

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