Friday, January 22, 2010

2 tier petrol price?

I read this column on The Star and I totally agree with the writer. For your information, Malaysia is considering a 2 tier pricing system for petrol, one for the rice and another for the poor. This is a system that can only lead to abuse and corruption.
How do you define rich and poor? Definitely not by the car I drive alone. What about the very poor who don't even own cars, how are they supposed to benefit from the petrol subsidy?
We should just do away with petrol subsidies. It encourages waste. I often see cars idling for more than 10 minutes. Once there was a car at the airport that idled for 30 minutes, and it was a government car, which means the driver does not pay for the petrol. Just imagine all that 'subsidy' being burned up just like that.
Why not spend more on improving public transport? That would really help the poor. Anybody who can afford to buy a car should not be considered poor.

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