Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back at 2009

Life is truly unpredictable.

Within the past week, 3 of my friends had family members who passed away. The biggest lesson learnt was that life is short and there's so little time to make a difference in the world, so little time to love the people around us.

2010 will be a challenging year. Finals coming up and I'll be starting work middle of the year. Probably that will be a good change in environment.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm glad that quite a lot of companies here started using e-billing. I've been a loyal Digi user and they're pledging to donate RM3 to WWF-Malaysia for each customer who make the switch to e-billing. Those who do not will be charged RM3 for each bill in the future. Great move!

I've also switched off postal bills for my internet provider (Streamyx). I hope more companies will make the switch too. I'm sure it'll save them money, so it's a win-win situation.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Malaysia in COP15

Malaysia is aiming for 40% reduction of carbon emissions by 2020. If only our ex-prime minister put that in the plan for Vision 2020 back then. At least we're trying to catch up.

I hope our government not only focuses on climate change, but also all other aspects of sustainable development. More can be done to conserve resources. Just recently, I was in a conference hall where the air conditioning was set too cold. It was uncomfortable. This is a common phenomena over here, especially in public buildings. If only steps were taken at better temperature control. We could save so much money on top of emitting less carbon. These are little things which do not require much investment but can yield so much more, especially when it can be done in a large scale.

Dear readers, do let the people who run these buildings know that they're wasting resources. They're wasting the people's money.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Green Journeys

Greetings from Malaysia, not one of the greenest countries in the world, but we're getting there. When I read this post from The Green Phone Booth, I felt that I needed to share my green journey too.

I've been a greenie right from my childhood years. My cousins & I would set up a green club where we find out simple ways to save the environment and bug our parents to do the same. Whenever my mom pulled out the bug spray can, lil' me would be nagging her about the CFC's she's puting in the air.

Being from a little town that didn't have a recycling program, all we could do was compost when it came to waste management. Now that I've moved to a place of my own, things have changed. I've put a bin in the kitchen to collect compost and several other bins to collect recyclables. Even my housemates picked up the habit since I've made it easy for them to do so. The recyclables are collected by the local dialysis association, so we're helping the environment as well as people on dialysis.

Another habit I picked up while staying in London for some time was to bring my own bag for grocery shopping. I couldn't bear to use disposable bags after coming back home. One look at the checkout line, nobody else does it, but I hope someday somebody will notice and want to do the same too.

It does get kind of lonely on my green journey when people around me just don't bother. Now that I've found the world of green blogs, I know I'm not alone. I've even started my own and hope to contribute in and outside the circle of like minded people.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Donate unused credit

With more people switching to postpaid, I find that quite a few of us cannot finish our minimum commitment amount.
In Malaysia, I've only found one organisation that accepts sms donations. Check out WWF Living Planet Appeal. I wish I found them earlier. This is the last month their program is running. I hope they continue it next year.
If you know of any other organisations, do drop a comment.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Making money from recycling

I'm thankful for cleaners who separate our trash for recycling. Do do it for a small monetary gain, but I still think it is something worth applauding.
I just read about RecycleBank, they actually give points for recycling and the points can be used to redeem rewards. I wish we could have something like that here. For now, I'm happy bringing my recyclables to the kidney dialysis association. They raise funds for people in need of dialysis but cannot afford to pay exorbitant prices.

Being fat - whose fault?

When I see people around me being overweight, I really do wonder what went wrong. I know I'm blessed with a high metabolism, but I still watch what I eat. It's a known fact that I'm a health freak.
I do have a high metabolism, but it doesn't mean I can get away with eating high fat foods and not have high cholesterol. So I stay away from fried foods most of the time and meat is more of a flavouring when I cook.
I am a medical student and I know what is good for me and what is not. My classmate knows it too. Yet, he is severely obese, diabetic and hypertensive. When we eat together, it looks as if I'm the one on a diabetic's diet instead of him. He would order fried noodles (hardly any veggie with lots of oil) while I have rice with veggies and a piece of chicken. He would order a sweet drink while I have plain water.
If anyone out there who is reading this and needs help. I can give free lifestyle advice to loose weight. But to succeed in loosing weight, it takes more than that.